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True P&L helps traders to obtain their real statistics on trading performance with the ability to make it publicly available using API
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How it works?
Register on the platform.
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Connect your exchange
using read-only API keys
Get a link to the report. Share
it for analyzing purposes.
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Service uses read-only API access/keys generated by your exchange and can not take any actions with regard to your exchange account. All data is stored in an encrypted database which ensures its safety
Create a summary report on statistics of your trade using read-only API-keys. Make the report private if you don’t want it to be publicly available. True PnL doesn’t share any personal information with third parties
Detailed insights for your portfolio
Stay up to date on the market activity and always have a clear overview without logging in
New features is on the way
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Copy Trading
Receive additional income on positive performance using investors' capital. Investors can analyze traders’ performance history in detail and choose the trader(s) they would like to work with. Using API keys allows investors and traders to safely join copy-trading while retaining full control over funds and privacy.
Deep immerse in the statistics
Receive more statistics for deep analytics of trading activity. Get access to analytical tools for identifying inefficiencies in trading processes and instantly correcting them.
by traders
for traders
for investors
Get a summary analysis of your trading activity and improve your strategies using flexible trading settings. Provide verified proof of your trading performance to your audience a make clients trust you. Get on the top list of traders and receive access to even more investor capital with social trading.
Any question?
Why should I trust the reports from your service?
Our service is based solely on trading history and we use the one methodology to calculate the financial indicators for all the traders.
How can I get verified statistics from my trading advisor?
Check if the exchange platform used by your advisor is supported by the service. If it is supported, ask him for public API keys to receive his trading statistics. If it’s not supported, simply ask the trading advisor to register on our web-service and provide you with a link to his portfolio.
Can I make my report private?
When creating a portfolio or at any time later, you can make it private in the portfolio’s settings, thus excluding it from public lists and allowing it to be viewed by link only.
Is your service secure?
Yes. Service uses read-only API access/keys generated by the exchange platform and can not take any actions in regard to the exchange platform’s accounts. All user data is stored in an encrypted database which ensures its safety.
How can I offer a suggestion?
We always welcome suggestions. Send us an email or write a message to our public telegram group.
Is it free to use the service?
All currently available features are free and will remain free. The True PNL team plans to add additional free and paid features in the future.
Can I delete my profile from the service?
Yes, all users are able to delete their portfolios at any moment. We will immediately delete your trading data and API keys from our servers as well as exclude your portfolio from the rating.